Monday, January 10, 2011


I can't believe its already a new year, Aidan and Emma are both growing up so fast. I can not believe Aidan will turn 5 later this year and Emma will be 3 in a few months. They are so funny, one minute they are fighting like cats and dogs and the next they are hugging each other. They do fight alot and it can really be tiring to deal with, the hitting, screaming and one is always taking a toy from the other one. You would think that having a boy and a girl that some toys they wouldn't care about playing with but they do. The best moments that I try to keep in my head are the sweet moments between them, they are happening more and more lately. Aidan's big thing right now to ask Emma is "Do you like me Emma?" and sometimes depending on her mood she'll either answer yes or no. Most of the time she will say yes and say, "You my friend" The best though is when Emma randomly comes up to me and says, "I love you!" and squeeze my neck tight, she is so loving! Aidan is at times, but I usually have to pull it out of him, must be his personality, but even when he was Emma's age he never would give much affection toward anyone unless he was in the mood to. I think Emma would go up and hug anyone! Its so funny how different they are, but then they are similar in other ways as far as how stubborn they both can be, esp. in the mornings. Terrible 3's....I'm so dreading this with Emma, Aidan was really difficult at 3 and 4 hasn't been the best either as far as not listening and still having some tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Here's hoping that 5 will be better with him. Emma I know will be somewhat similar, she has already had some major meltdowns and full blown tantrums on the floor. I so try not to laugh when she does this, b/c it does look comical. I usually just walk away as long as I know she is safe. I definitely don't want to hurry up either of their ages, but I will be glad when this part is over, I don't know if it matters that they are close in age or not, but it does make it harder when there are 2 having a meltdown at the same time. On a Mommy note; I am very determined this year with losing some pounds. I am very fed up with where I am right now and I have got to get in gear. I have done great so far, I started back in mid December and have lost almost 15 lbs so far, but still have many more to go, wish me luck!

Here are a few recent pics. The first is one of Lucy and Emma, Lucy is getting so big so fast! She is around 5 months now.

I took these on New Years Eve. They did not want to go to sleep but did like pretending they were asleep. Aidan still smiling, so cute!

See, they do love on each other occasionally!

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