Monday, January 10, 2011


I can't believe its already a new year, Aidan and Emma are both growing up so fast. I can not believe Aidan will turn 5 later this year and Emma will be 3 in a few months. They are so funny, one minute they are fighting like cats and dogs and the next they are hugging each other. They do fight alot and it can really be tiring to deal with, the hitting, screaming and one is always taking a toy from the other one. You would think that having a boy and a girl that some toys they wouldn't care about playing with but they do. The best moments that I try to keep in my head are the sweet moments between them, they are happening more and more lately. Aidan's big thing right now to ask Emma is "Do you like me Emma?" and sometimes depending on her mood she'll either answer yes or no. Most of the time she will say yes and say, "You my friend" The best though is when Emma randomly comes up to me and says, "I love you!" and squeeze my neck tight, she is so loving! Aidan is at times, but I usually have to pull it out of him, must be his personality, but even when he was Emma's age he never would give much affection toward anyone unless he was in the mood to. I think Emma would go up and hug anyone! Its so funny how different they are, but then they are similar in other ways as far as how stubborn they both can be, esp. in the mornings. Terrible 3's....I'm so dreading this with Emma, Aidan was really difficult at 3 and 4 hasn't been the best either as far as not listening and still having some tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Here's hoping that 5 will be better with him. Emma I know will be somewhat similar, she has already had some major meltdowns and full blown tantrums on the floor. I so try not to laugh when she does this, b/c it does look comical. I usually just walk away as long as I know she is safe. I definitely don't want to hurry up either of their ages, but I will be glad when this part is over, I don't know if it matters that they are close in age or not, but it does make it harder when there are 2 having a meltdown at the same time. On a Mommy note; I am very determined this year with losing some pounds. I am very fed up with where I am right now and I have got to get in gear. I have done great so far, I started back in mid December and have lost almost 15 lbs so far, but still have many more to go, wish me luck!

Here are a few recent pics. The first is one of Lucy and Emma, Lucy is getting so big so fast! She is around 5 months now.

I took these on New Years Eve. They did not want to go to sleep but did like pretending they were asleep. Aidan still smiling, so cute!

See, they do love on each other occasionally!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 years and 8 months....

The title refers to the amount of time that I nursed my 2 kids. Wow, seems crazy! There was a break in between them when I didn't nurse about 6 months while I was preggers with Emma. I'm so glad that I got to experience this with both of my kids, its such a wonderful thing, not for everyone I know, but for me it was the best. Aidan decided to stop nursing on his own when I was a few months pregnant, not sure if it was because the milk started tasting different which some say happens or if he was just ready to stop.

Emma is a whole nother story....I thought she would do the same as her brother and just stop on her own. I did the same things I did with Aidan, stopped pumping at a year and introducing whole milk and only nurse some in the mornings and night and for comfort when needed since I work full time I couldn't nurse during the day. The first year and a half of Emma's life goes by still nursing, I was fine with that, even though by the time she turned 2 I got a lot of questions from others, when are you going to stop nursing her, etc. The typical stuff others say when it is starting to make them uncomfortable. The one thing I can say that made me feel the most comfort through nursing Emma for so long was my sister. She is still nursing Carter and has always had the best outlook when it comes to breastfeeding and I love her for that. One of her best come backs from someone asking her the "how long are you going to nurse him?" was "maybe about another 30 minutes or so." Love that!

I have been going back and forth about stopping for the past few months. I found myself getting agitated when nursing was taking longer than normal and I realized I was ready to stop even if she wasn't. I was hoping she was going to make that decision, not me. The only time Emma was nursing was mainly when I got home from work we had our snuggle time and occasionally in the mornings but if we were at home on the weekends it was on and off all day. I had someone ask me if they thought I was still producing milk since I didn't nurse that often and I discovered later that I most definitely was as she stopped one evening and had milk on her lip. Yup, still got milk. ha!

I thought weaning her would be easy, but it hasn't been. I have even been away from her for a few days to come back and that is the first thing she wanted to do when she saw me. I had been emotionally done several months ago, but was struggling b/c Emma didn't want to stop and would have the worst tantrums if I said no. So, I made a decision a week ago to use one of the ideas another nursing mom had used...I put bandaids on my boobs and told Emma I had boo boos and there was no more milk. It was very sad to see her get upset, but I didn't see an end in sight and was ready to stop. The funny thing was she didn't have her usual tantrum, but instead comforted me and kissed my boo boos and we snuggled and I held her for the longest time. Of course the next day she asked me about my boo boos and wanted to see them and after I showed them to her again she started pouting and wanted me to hold her and then she was fine. It has been 9 days since I have nursed her and she still asks me everyday if I still have boo boos, but she doesn't cry about it, but pouts for a bit and as long as I comfort her and hold her for a while she is okay. I'm glad to still have our snuggle time as I was afraid that would end as well.

The one thing that has changed as well this week is that she is sleeping so much better, ahhh! I am finally getting some much needed sleep too! I never thought this would be such a hard stage to end, probably because we don't plan on having any more kids, so she is my baby, my baby that will turn 3 years old in 3 1/2 months....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My growing children...

I can't believe how much the kids have grown recently. I decided to measure and weigh them the other day since they don't really go to the dtr as much as they use to. Emma has really grown as she is 38" tall and 35lbs and Aidan is getting so tall at 46" (almost 4 feet!) and 45lbs. I can't believe Aidan is that tall at 4yrs old. When I myself am only 5 ft 4 inches tall. He is going to be way taller than me if he keeps going at this rate! ha!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On top of everything else going on with us lately we decided to adopt a puppy from Red Dog Farms. She is a chocolate lab mix and is super sweet. Chris was really the one who started talking about it and I still was not really sure at first b/c of how turned upside down our house seems all the time, but of course once I started looking at the photos really wanted to go see them. All of the puppies, some chocolate some black were all at a foster families house and I met Chris and the kids over there one night and I just happened to get there first, yea. So, I got to see all of the puppies by myself, so cute. We had kind of already picked out Lucy and she was one of the quiet ones, which I'm hoping is a good thing. She still is very cuddly and sweet and loves to be held. We are trying to crate train her and she is doing pretty well, but still having accidents in the kitchen. Here are a few pics of her, I need to take some new ones she is already grown so much, hopefully I can get some of Macy and Lucy together if Macy can handle it. Lucy is right around 12 weeks old.

Fall is Here, Halloween

Wow, I have been such a slack blogger, haven't posted since August, geez! I plan to try to be better at blogging more often, we'll see. Things have been super crazy for us lately, still trying to sell our house, one of these days I hope to post we have. I have been dealing with several medical things since August, one being a lump I discovered under my arm pit that turned into an infection and 4 different lumps and eventually Merca b/c I was getting the wrong treatment, ugh! It was was one of the most painful things I been through recently mainly b/c it lasted so long, 2 months of dealing with that and not being able to fully use my arm, then I go and stab my wrist trying to carve a pumpkin! Geez! It happened so fast and I really didn't know what to do at first except put pressure on the cut and try to get the knife out of reach of the kids who were running around me asking Mommy what's wrong. I probably should have gone to get stitches, and that is exactly what the nurse I work with told me the next morning, but at that point it was a little too late, she helped me clean and butterfly the cut and how to properly keep it clean and bandaged. It has been almost 2 weeks and it does look better, but is going to take a while to completely heal and part of my wrist is still a little numb. I'm not sure why I am so accident prone, I just hope it doesn't rub off on the kids! I think it has a little with Emma as she cut her forehead the day before Halloween when we were at our neighborhood festival and tripped on the harness holding down the bouncy slide and we were only there for like 5 minutes! Luckily there was a nurse on site and cleaned and bandaged it for us. It has amazingly healed up to where you can hardly see it.

Emma and her cousin Carter
Emma and Grandpa

Emma trying on Aunt Jenn's purple wig, not too sure about it.

This was pre-head injury!

My little princess!

My Cheeseball

Trying to be crafty with the kids. Making Candy Corn Garland

Aidan did enjoy helping out.

My Butterfly Princess and Dinasaur
Aidan and Emma dancing around like ballerinas!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aidan's Birthday Party

Even though he's not officially 4 until May 8th, we had his birthday party today with all his classmates at a bounce house and he had so much fun! I can't believe he is 4 already, I really don't know where the time has gone, he's such a big boy now, but he still has times that he wants his mommy which I love of course! I will download some pictures of his party soon, but I wanted to post a video of him playing his new drums that Aunt Jenn bought him which he loves and I wanted her to see him play.

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Years Old, letter to Emma

My sweet Emma,

It's hard to believe it has been 2 years already. You will have your 2nd birthday on March 27th. It seems like a flash, I don't know if its because you are my 2nd child or if its because I work full time or a combination of both, but its gone by way too fast. You have really turned into a such a little girl already with such a big personality. From the beginning I knew you were going to be very independent and always speak your mind even before you said your first word, which if I'm not mistaken was "No!". You make me laugh and I love your goofy side, you can always cheer me up if I'm feeling down. I love our one-on-one times even if its in the middle of the night. At times I still see my little baby when I hold you and other times I can imagine the little girl you are starting to become. You are beautiful inside and out and I'm so proud to be your mommy and can't wait to watch you grow up, even though I'm definitely not ready for you to. I love that you are so adventurous and fearless, that scares me at times too, but I'm glad you are going to be outgoing and I hope you never change that confidence you already have and willingness to try new things. I have had fun taking you to your "Little Gym" classes and to watch you try out your gymnastics moves and you seem to have so much fun as long as no one is using the equipment you want to be on...patience is not one of your strong suits! You get that from your Daddy! :) I can't wait to see how you like other activities like dance or sports and to see what you will excel in the most. Hopefully you got some athletic ability from your Daddy as well, but from the looks of your bruised up legs I'm starting to think you have Mommy's gracefullness! I know there will be many birthdays to celebrate in the future, but this one seems big to me because I feel like I'm saying goodbye to my baby and hello to my little girl. My heart fills up every day when I pick you up and I hear you say "Mommy, Up" and you hug me tight and give me a big kiss.

I love you more than words can ever say!


Here are some pics from the day you were born and the present:

Snuggling with you in the hospital, my chunky 10 pounder!
The first time I saw you
Here you are today!
So beautiful!